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Flyers Club ( First Saturday)

On First Saturday there are usually about 25 or more people here. They have gotten to know each other over the past times together and welcome newcomers. Some belong to the local quilt group, the Town N Country Quilt Guild. It starts at 10:30 AM but most people come earlier, even by 9:30. And we always have door prizes for those who attend.

The new fabrics, books and patterns are laid out on tables in the classroom. We try to fill up a tub or two with sale fabric so you get first chance at buying what's on sale.  If there is a new tool, we will try to show you how it works. We also discuss who has been sick, who has gone on vacation and new grandchildren ,or what the kids did the other day. It is just fun, and the longer you come the better you know everybody. There is no fee for this event.

Dress is everyday and casual and we don't have cookies or coffee because most everyone gets together with others and goes out to eat lunch. About half or so go on then to the Guild Meeting at 1 PM, and make a day of it!
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254-965-7577 or 1-877-FNEEDLE for more info!

Flyers Club ( First Saturday)

Free to everyone who wants to attend!